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Terms of Use

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  • provides an integrated platform for the teachers and students to find each other on the internet.
  • Website plays an important role in keeping the information both tutors and students confidential however it is not liable for unauthorized access of data by the registered members.
  • Tutor willing to register on the website should be an adult and have the necessary qualification for the subjects he/ she is aspiring to teach.
  • The teacher will not hold website responsible for liabilities and expenditure caused by its usage directly or indirectly.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the tutor to charge the same fees as mentioned on the website. He/ she will be responsible for collection of the same from the students/ parents.
  • Teacher is not allowed to disclose personal contact information in the fields mentioning experience and qualification.
  • While entering the feedback about the students, the tutors are advised to keep the language as civil as possible.
  • The website will not be held in anyway responsible for the false information posted by the tutor related to experience and qualification. Any repercussion due to such act will have to be borne by the concerned individual.
  • Company is not in any way responsible for the payment of compensation to the tutor in case the parent/ student cancels the contract.
  • Website doesn’t deploy the tutors as employees; therefore the teachers have to pay their own taxes with the income accrued from the tuition contract.
  • By becoming a member of website, you agree that the tutor data can be used for statistical analysis by the company.